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This exquisite archipelago consists of around 700 islands stretched like a string of pearls across 500 miles of the Caribbean Sea. While some are well developed and bustling with tourists, luxury resorts, world-class golf courses and boisterous nightlife, others are secluded, untouched, and uninhabited aside from a wide range of diverse wildlife including various parrots and reptiles, frogs, and raccoons. The islands boast magnificent stretches of soft, golden sand beaches sandwiched between lush, tropical foliage and crystal clear, azure waters brimming with marine life. Snorkelling and diving enthusiasts can expect to find sharks, manatees, dolphins, frogfish, angelfish, and turtles sheltered in the exquisitely colourful coral reefs. Don’t miss the massive Atlantis waterpark on Paradise Island, taking part in the fabulous parades of Junkanoo, or sampling some delicious Bahamian dishes such as conch fritters, fried grouper burgers, and stone crab claws. Adventure lovers and beach bums alike will find plenty to keep them blissfully engaged while visiting these remarkably beautiful islands.

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An almost-constant temperature prevails throughout the Bahamas thanks to refreshing, cooling trade winds. September to May is freshest at around 21-24°C (70-75°F) with warmer weather at around 27-29°C (80-85°F) the rest of the year. The temperature drops about 5°C (41°F) after dark. June to November is the hurricane season. Pack lightweight or tropical cottons all year round. Light raincoats are useful during the wet season (May to September).



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