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No matter how much you hear about the 118 islands that comprise the 5 idyllic archipelagos that make up French Polynesia, nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking scenery of the islands’ towering volcanic peaks, rugged cliffs, emerald lagoons and stunning palm-fringed beaches. Despite being heavily influenced by French culture, the region has managed to retain its own colourful and distinctive culture through its traditional food, music, and local handicrafts. Divers and snorkelers can marvel at the area’s extraordinary range of marine life, while hikers explore the islands' lush jungle-clad volcanic mountains. History enthusiasts are equally well sated with numerous archaeological sites revealing traces from its Pre-European past. With all of this remarkable scenery, diverse marine life and fascinating culture on offer, it is no wonder that French Polynesia has become one of the Pacific’s most exclusive and popular tourist destinations

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The best time for French Polynesia is May through to October. The East Pacific Islands are in the summer, November through to April, not only hot, but also very wet. For a warm and dry winter holiday it is best you choose May to October.


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