Where do we begin...this trip has been absolutely amazing From start to finish it was a VIP experience. It was a perfect we to start our marriage! We will... read more

Zachary Lacey 7/28/2021

I can't recommend Lillian enough, she exceeded all our expectations with both Tulum and Cancun. She was always able to reach whenever we needed anything! We have the travel bug and can't wait to plan... read more

Kailie Klepacki 7/20/2021

Ashlyn was great at making sure everything was going smoothly throughout our entire trip! Before we even left she was on the phone making sure we had our TCI authorization and then helped us... read more

Hannah Hudson 7/07/2021

Emily saved the day! We had some travel issues that may have ruined our trip but having Emily working with us saved the day!... read more

Ashley Munn 6/30/2021

Working with Ashlyn was a pleasure! She was always available to answer any questions that came up.
She even left a sweet note in our suite when...
read more

Kerri Leleux 6/23/2021

Ashlyn was so helpful with finding us the perfect honeymoon getaway! We were on a budget and had to change our travel dates, but Ashlyn handled everything perfectly and very fast... read more

Caitlin Button 6/14/2021

Great service now two years in a row. Very much in line with what they advertise as a product. Emily does a great job customizing the trip to... read more

Jean Thomas 6/12/2021

Megan was absolutely amazing!! She had a bottle of wine and a special birthday cupcake in the room when we arrived. Megan took care... read more

Colleen Miller 6/08/2021

Megan and Traveluxe did all the work upfront not only to make this anniversary trip easy but also to make it one we will always remember. At every moment we felt special and loved and that was thanks to the work Megan did before we ever... read more

Casey Miller 6/08/2021

Emily was absolutely incredible! She was so attentive and proactive leading up to our trip but even more so DURING our trip. She was... read more

Lesley Asewicz 6/05/2021

Working with Emily is a breeze! She is always a text/call away, always eager to help and make memories for you and your loved ones.

Michael Arriaga 6/03/2021

Johnna takes time to ensure we had a wonderful time for our daughter's staycations sweet sixteen birthday. Everything was as expected. She did a lovely picnic for our daughter and her friends and they loved... read more

Marjorie Simmons 6/03/2021

Emily handled every detail of our getaway to Sage Lodge perfectly. I was very impressed by her extensive knowledge of the area and the resort. We had the most amazing time.... read more

Jeani Milner 6/02/2021

This was a trip we will remember for a lifetime! When our original house renovation plans for our 10th anniversary fell through, Emily pulled off a dream vacation for us... read more

Katie Mullins 6/01/2021

Johanna is a consummate professional! She is detailed and uses her knowledge of the client to tailor activities, accommodations and travel arrangements that blow them... read more

Sheba Wilson 5/27/2021

Ashlyn is great at finding the best locations, with great activities and always puts the fine touches in things! Best memory of the trip was all the laughs... read more

Whitney Scarber 5/07/2021

Ashlyn was amazing every step of the way! We had the best time in Cabo and had a great experience! Yes we would refer to all of my... read more

Kelsie Nolan 5/07/2021

Emily is a great communicator and gave me some of the best recommendations for my first time in Cabo My trip was easy, gorgeous and everything I wanted it to be thanks to her. I am very likely to... read more

Raegan Scharfetter 4/29/2021

To sum it up... Johnna got us! Every dining experience, excursion, and outing fit our personalities perfectly. I even stepped out of my box and walked on... read more

Catherine Mortimer Wilson 4/20/2021

Emily and her team made everything seamless and easy. Everything was planned and communicated to us to make sure we knew exactly where to be, what time, and what... read more

Courtney Bergemann 4/13/2021

This was my first time having someone else involved in my vacation planning and it was a great experience Emily perfectly captured the vibe I was looking for - a mix between complete relaxation/ disconnection and active hikes/adventures, all... read more

Lauren McClure 4/12/2021

Megan was so attentive and helpful during our trip This was my first time booking with a travel agent, and I just assumed that once we were booked that... read more

Fontella Thompson 4/05/2021

Emily is attentive to every detail and very responsive when she is needed (even when out of the country) Emily took her time to go thru all the details of our trip and gave us very helpful tips and... read more

Imad Sarkis 4/03/2021

Traveluxe was our first experience using a travel agent an I'll never travel without one again! Jeskia took all the work out of booking and we felt confident, prepared and supported for anything that came up... read more

Whitney Mortimer 3/28/2021

Kelsey was very accommodating and promptly took care of my questions She also gave us some great dining recommendations. I was mostly satisfied and would refer Kelsey.

Linda Rachman 3/26/2021
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