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Most people’s idea of the ultimate traditional German experience involves ordering a stein of beer from a busty Bavarian barmaid while men in lederhosen play comically cliched oompah music in the garden of a centuries-old beer hall. If this is your bag, Germany won’t fail to disappoint. However, Germany is not all beer-gardens and bratwurst! Modern Germany is a place of state-of-the art trains and glistening city skylines as well as world-class museums and restaurants offering a slew of cultural wonders and culinary delights. You can spend one day exploring half-timbered medieval towns and spectacular baroque palaces in Bavaria, and the next immersing yourself in uber-cool Berlin’s historic sites such as the Brandenburg Gate and the remains of the Berlin wall. Whether you are looking to explore fast-paced cosmopolitan cities, cultural and historical sites or pristine Alpine pistes, Germany always makes for inspiring, fascinating and invigorating travel.

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Germany's climate is almost as varied as its country but it is mostly temperate. Extreme temperature lows and highs are rare. Winter temperatures vary from west to east, with around freezing temperatures in the west and well below freezing in the east of Germany. Summer temperatures are typically between 20°C and 30°C, with more rainfall during the summer months.



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