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Idyllically located to the south of Cuba in the warm Caribbean sea, rests the lush tropical island nation of Jamaica. The island has more to offer than just the rastas, reggae and rum for which it is internationally known. It boasts a fusion of various African, Spanish, British, Indian and Chinese influences, which is expressed in the national motto, 'out of many, one people'. This exotic hybrid culture offers some wildly adventurous cuisine and some of the world’s most friendly and laidback locals. Blessed with golden sand beaches, year-round sunshine, verdant rainforests and misty mountains, Jamaica has long been a jewel in the crown of the Caribbean. From Negril’s glorious Seven-Mile Beach with the majestic Blue Mountain as its backdrop to the boisterous party scene and grand colonial architecture at Montego Bay and the vibrant and edgy capital Kingston, Jamaica is a strikingly diverse and beautiful country which is likely to enchant you at every turn.

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Jamaica's climate is tropical with constant warm to hot temperatures all year round, though cooler in the higher, central areas. On the coast temperatures range from 72°F (22°C) and 88°F (31°C). Mornings and evenings are slightly chillier in the winter months but Jamaica is hot year-round. The wettest months are between May and November, when short sharp showers can be expected. The heaviest rains occur in September and October and the hurricane season runs from June to November; however, despite the powerful Hurricane Ivan of September 2004, relatively few hurricanes touch Jamaica. The country is also in the earthquake zone. There are variations in climate according to region; for instance, the east coast receives substantially more rain than the rest of the country, and the south coast far less.




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