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Pristine, powder sand beaches, exceptional diving and snorkeling, brilliant turquoise waters and delicious rum cocktails - The British Virgin Islands provide all you could ask for in an island destination. Part of a volcanic archipelago in the Caribbean, these islands are a British overseas territory comprising four large main islands and numerous smaller ones. This idyllic holiday destination is known for its reef-lined beaches and as a popular yachting hot spot. From the rainforest-filled Sage Mountain National Park on Tortola, to the natural granite pillars on Virgin Gorda and the spectacular scenery of Anegada, the islands offer countless natural wonders. No matter which of the islands you choose to explore, you’ll discover warm and welcoming locals, unbelievable beaches and an array of adventurous activities.

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The climate is subtropical and tempered by trade winds. There is little variation between summer and winter. Rainfall is low, varying slightly from island to island. Night-time temperatures drop to a comfortable level. Visitors should note that the British Virgin Islands are susceptible to hurricanes and earthquakes, although these are by no means a frequent occurrence. The primary hurricane season is from June to November.



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