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Landi Burns

Landi Burns started selling travel in 2019, after managing exclusive luxury lodges and resorts across the globe. She specializes in East and Southern Africa beach & safari destinations.

White Beaches of Mozambique

Mozambique boasts of miles of sandy white beaches with palm trees and clear waters. A perfect beach destination after your Safari! White Pearl Resort White Pearl Resorts offers the ultimate in beach luxury in Africa. Experience elegant simplicity at this exclusive beach resort set in the dunes of the untouched shores of southern Mozambique. On …

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Do I need travel insurance?

You are still asking that question? If COVID has taught us all anything, it’s the importance of travel insurance! Overseas medical coverage:When you are visiting a foreign country, you may be surprised to find out that medical services are not covered under your local health insurance plans. Travel insurance allows you to receive medical treatment …

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Reef save sunscreen – A MUST!

Updates on reef-friendly sunscreen… a MUST read for your next beach holiday! Why reef-safe sunscreen? When you’re snorkeling or swimming during your vacation, the sunscreen that’s safeguarding your skin might also be endangering the vibrant coral reef and marine life below you. For decades, we’ve heard about the importance of using sunscreen to protect ourselves …

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How to be a sustainable traveler

Reduce your impact on our planet, support local economies, and protect wildlife. The three pillars of sustainable tourism The three pillars of sustainable tourism are employing environmentally friendly practices (reduce, reuse, recycle); protecting cultural and natural heritage (restoring historic buildings or saving endangered species); and providing tangible social and economic benefits for local communities (ranging …

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Why Safari is good for you

“I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy,” goes the famous Ernest Hemingway quote. For so many people, being in the bush can be rather addictive, and we get withdrawal symptoms when it’s been too long since our last “fix.” We have a sense of wishing we …

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Bragbox! This is what our clients are saying:

Here’s some testimonials from our beloved clients. Traveluxe Official curates personalized luxury travel experiences globally with the aim of facilitating discovery, broadening perspective and inspiring connection. Founded in 2014 by Emily Lockard-Furry, this travel concierge service team boasts the highest standard of client care, luxury locations and top-quality experiences. Emily and her team spend most …

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Our favorite Safari lodges in Africa

Do you also dream of Africa? Some of our favorite Safari lodges in Africa! With so many lodges to choose from in Africa, these are our #luxelistapproved safari lodges, selected for you to experiences exceptional game-viewing, world class service and luxurious accommodation. Safari is a journey that immerses the senses and awakens the spirit. Singita …

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