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About our firm

Traveluxe Official curates personalized luxury travel experiences globally with the aim of facilitating discovery, broadening perspective and inspiring connection.

Founded in 2014 by Emily Lockard-Furry, this travel concierge team boasts the highest standard of client care, luxury locations and top-quality experiences.

Traveluxe Official began with Emily’s desire to offer bespoke destination wedding and honeymoon itineraries with unforgettable experiences after recognizing a lack of true concierge style service in the travel industry. Emily’s passion for serving her clients with acute attention to detail only continued to grow from there.

Emily and her team spend most of their time visiting properties around the world so they can personally advise clients based on their first-hand experience.

Today, the Traveluxe team continues to expand their specializations and the range of services offered, while continuing to prioritize the cultivation of personal relationships.

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