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Travel Essentials: Carry On Must Haves


Traveling can feel hectic but when you are prepared with items that will make your life easier and help you feel more organized with the essential items you need, it will help makes things so much less chaotic.

Check out these must haves to bring in your carry on while traveling.

These silicon ties are perfect for organizing cables and cords such as chargers, headphones, and tying up bags. They are reusable so they are perfect for organizing your bag while traveling!

It’s no secret that airplanes are full of germs. Having these wipes on hand to wipe off your seat and tray table, clean off surfaces in your hotel is the perfect way to ensure you stay healthy during your trip and only bring home memories from your vacation and not any illnesses.

These wipes eliminate 99.9% of harmful particles, including 47 illness-causing strains, on contact. They contain no bleach, alcohol or solvents, so you can use them safely.

These easy, convenient, and travel-friendly packs (no spills like sprays) are perfect for tucking in your carry on while you are on the go so you'll never be without clean hands or a clear mind. You’ll be touching a lot of unsanitary surfaces while traveling and these wipes will help you fight common, illness-causing particles with a single swipe, while aloe Vera helps soften and hydrates skin with no sticky residue.

This collapsible cup is perfect for traveling. It will fit neatly in your carry on while going through security. The hook also makes it great for connecting to your bags so you can be hands free when needed. This is also a wonderful reusable cup, environmentally friendly and avoid lots of unnecessary plastic waste.

Is there anything worse than not having headphones while traveling? Oh, yes. There is — losing your headphones while traveling. Keep your fancy AirPods at home while traveling and grab a couple of pairs of these almost identical ones for 1/8 the price! They are perfect for throwing in your carry on and if they get lost in the hustle and bustle of traveling, you won’t be nearly as disappointed!

Not only can this be used as a travel cosmetic case, but it can also be used as a wash bag, a toiletry bag and is suitable for all kinds of daily or travel use, and will bring great convenience to your traveling. It is divided into upper and lower storage areas so you can organize your items making your travel experience even better.

Keeping track of your passport is one of the most important parts of traveling. This passport holder combo has 2 clear plastic slots and 1 passport holder slot to combine your passport, air tickets and cards, and the other clear plastic slot to hold some important documents such as your ID card or driver's license so you can stay organized while traveling.

This travel accessory set comes packed in a g and will fit easily in your carry on and will save a ton of space for your toiletries. These bottles feature with a nice wide opening, big enough to fill lotion, shampoo and conditioner easily. Just unscrew the top cap and fill liquids. The different sizes of bottles makes them great for lot of different items. Also, when it’s time to clean them up the plastic ring can be detached easily and includes a brush for better cleaning. It is perfect for travel.

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