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Have you considered Madagascar?

Sink your feet into the pearly sands of a remote island sanctuary where you’ll taste sweet jasmine on the breeze while gazing at a thousand sparkling shades of turquoise.

A world of lemurs and chameleons, and a mosaic of unexplored coves, rarity is the luxury of Madagascar. Fringed by white sand beaches and sprawling coral reefs, Time + Tide Miavana stays true to the island’s secluded roots, creating a luxurious haven where guests can enjoy their signature experience.

Spotted 30 years ago by one of the partners, who is a treasure hunter and conservationist, this archipelago is a natural wonderland—home to our blue safaris. An exhilarating helicopter ride over mountains, baobabs and shipwrecks dotting the wild coastline ends in a gentle landing on a remote island off the coast of Madagascar.

Rediscover your sense of wonder in a place where luxury means stepping foot where no man has before, surrounded by an unspoiled horizon. Explore uncharted waters and coral reefs hosting scores of jewel-toned fish. Stroll on the white sand beaches or take a guided nature walk to visit the resident lemurs and nesting sea turtles. Spot dolphins and migrating humpback whales as you gaze out over the Indian Ocean. Contribute to the long-term sustainability of the region simply by visiting.

At around 10 square kilometers in size, this intimate haven is just the place to escape and unwind.

Dotted along the pristine beach, Time + Tide Miavana’s 14 villas are a masterpiece in luxury. Natural elements of sea, sand and air meet elegantly through inspired interiors and textures that celebrate the extraordinary island setting. Hand-dyed textiles mirror the endless shades of turquoise shimmering in the ocean views. Local, hand cut stones the color of seashells accent the walls and the unique turreted shower, evoking castaway luxury at its finest. Floor to ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the Indian Ocean mere meters away.

Throughout the villas, every detail is thoughtfully designed to create the ultimate luxury experience. The one, two and three-bedroom guest sanctuaries offer ample space (minimum 450 square meters), a private pool overlooking the sea, a comfortable lounge, butler service and a well-stocked kitchenette. Each villa has an extra bathroom and a study, which can be converted into a children’s bedroom.

From your villa, explore the island using the complimentary bicycles and electric buggy.


  • 14 luxury villas (1, 2 or 3 bedrooms, exclusive use available)
  • Eco power + limited wifi and phone signal
  • 30 minute (Diego Suarez) or 1 hour (Nosy Be) scenic helicopter flight to Nosy Ankao
  • Children of all ages welcome
  • Lemur treks + guided nature walks
  • Helicopter excursions to nearby nature reserves
  • Scuba diving, snorkellng + wide variety of water sports
  • World class fishing, from fly to deep sea
  • In villa spa treatments

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