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Travelling to South Africa

Cape Town, Kruger National Park and the Winelands (to name a few) are all waiting to welcome you!

A brief update on 1st October 2020 – the countries allowed to travel to South Africa will be reviewed every 2 weeks.

The list of countries currently considered high risk, and from which ordinary tourists are not allowed is, in full:

  • Albania                 
  • Argentina                 
  • Armenia                 
  • Austria                 
  • Bahrain                 
  • Belgium                 
  • Bolivia                 
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Brazil             
  • Chile             
  • Columbia         
  • Costa Rica         
  • Croatia             
  • Czech Republic     
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador         
  • France            
  • Georgia         
  • Greece             
  • Guatemala         
  • Guyana            
  • Honduras         
  • Hungary        
  • Iceland             
  • India
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Ireland
  • Israel
  • Jamaica
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon                 
  • Luxembourg                 
  • Maldives               
  • Malta              
  • Mexico                 
  • Moldova                 
  • Montenegro                          
  • Nepal             
  • Netherlands       
  • North Macedonia       
  • Oman            
  • Palestine         
  • Panama       
  • Paraguay          
  • Peru             
  • Portugal        
  • Puerto Rico         
  • Qatar             
  • Romania      
  • Russia  
  • Slovakia                                
  • Suriname
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • United Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Venezuela    


PCR Testing
All passengers will be required to present the negative result of a PCR test, taken no longer than 72 hours prior to departure.

If the passenger fulfills the PCR testing requirement, there is no mandatory quarantine. However, if a passenger does not bring the negative PCR result, they will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

Contact Tracing
All travelers will be asked to download the government’s contact tracing alert app for the duration of their stay in South Africa.

Health Screening Upon Arrival
All passengers, regardless if they brought their negative PCR test, will still undergo a health screening, which will include symptom checks and temperature screenings. Any symptomatic passenger will be subject to additional testing and/or quarantine.

Although the nation’s airports will open and both inbound and outbound tourism will be permitted, there will still be some restrictions in place to help minimize spread.

  • Face masks will still be required in all public spaces
  • A 12:00am (midnight) curfew will be in effect
  • Most gathering will be allowed at 50% of a venue’s capacity (250 px max indoor, 500 px max outdoor)
  • Alcohol sales for personal consumption will be permitted Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Beaches will be open
  • Wildlife game parks and other environmental tourist attractions will be open
  • Hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-based businesses will be open, however, they might have capacity limits, restricted hours, and/or social distancing in effect.

We will see you soon!

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