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Do I need travel insurance?

You are still asking that question? If COVID has taught us all anything, it’s the importance of travel insurance!

Some of the benefits of having travel insurance:

Overseas medical coverage:
When you are visiting a foreign country, you may be surprised to find out that medical services are not covered under your local health insurance plans. Travel insurance allows you to receive medical treatment from a foreign hospital. Hospital services are subsidized, but these are often only applied to residents. 

Loss of Income:
If you are injured during your holiday and cannot return to work, some travel insurance plans will cover your loss of income for a period of time.

Personal item loss and theft protection:
Be safe on your travels by keeping an eye on your belongings, securing your luggage and ensuring important items are on you at all times. Tourists are a target for thieves, and theft protection will offer you increased peace of mind.

Loss from travel delay:
Travel delays happen and are often out of your control. Delayed flights, trains or ferries can have flow-on effects to other parts of your trips. For example, a delayed flight can result in you missing your non-refundable train ride. Some travel insurance packages will cover you for this. 

Vehicle rental protection:
Hiring a vehicle is a popular option for tourists. It gives you the freedom to explore a location, makes it easier to travel and can be cheaper than using taxis or other forms of transportation. While local vehicle rental companies have their own car insurance, these are often expensive or limited in what they cover. Travel insurance can fill these gaps in coverage so you don’t have to worry. 

Accommodation and travel expenses:
If you’re sick or injured and can’t get home, travel insurance will cover your unforeseen additional accommodation and travel costs.

Cover for your traveling companion
If your traveling companion can no longer continue with their holiday because of injury or illness, any unforeseen accommodations or travel expenses would be reimbursed by travel insurance.

Credit Card fraud and replacement
You’ll be reimbursed for any costs to replace your credit cards, or for any fraudulent use, if they are lost or stolen on your trip.

Theft of cash, traveler’s checks and travel documents
You’ll be reimbursed for any costs to replace your passport, travel documents or traveler’s checks if they are lost or stolen on your trip. And if your cash is stole, you’re covered.

Luggage, personal effects and delays
You’re covered if your things are lost or stolen during your trip.

If your luggage is delayed more than 12 hours and you need to buy some clothes, travel insurance will reimburse these costs—in moderation. You can’t go buying a Gucci handbag and claim that on your travel insurance for example!

Cancellation fees and lost deposits
You’re covered for any cancellation fees and lost deposits for your prepaid travel arrangements if you cannot make your flights or planned accommodation due to circumstances out of your control such as sickness, injuries, strikes or natural disasters. Understand cancellation coverage fully to know when you’re covered.

Personal liability
Coverage for legal liability including legal expenses for bodily injuries or damage to property of other persons as a result of a claim made against you.

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